Fuzzy Colorful Circles

Ever since I started wearing eyeglasses, I get pass temporarily at all the blurs to get a clearer sight of what was happening around me. I once feared of leaving the house alone without wearing any of my eye gears and that because I haven’t undergone any eye correction procedures yet. Having a myopia is a serious case from the fact that it makes you feel that you are close to blindness and that I always have to get nearer at all the things that I really need to understand. It feels like you’re asked to get closer at life and confront it from all the fuzz it brings you everyday. 
Earlier yesterday, I tried removing my eyeglasses while riding as a passenger and he was driving. My eyes were again in awe seeing these small colorful circles like a bokeh effect in photography from these beams of light everywhere. It gave me a relief and made me realize of all the beautiful things I’ll still be able to embrace with or without a 20-20 vision. First is that I’ll still be safe as …

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5 things I am positive about this 2019

Whew! It's been quite a while! 

It’s been exactly a year ago and how funny it is to realize that my last article was also about looking forward to another year. Finally, after a busy year, I am back again pushing my desire to write but instead of sharing most of what happened from the previous year, I am listing down my top 5 to look forward to this new year. 

The year 2018 for me was a mix of highs and lows. I embraced a lot of new experiences which most of it came from my new role and work environment. However, as I weigh everything that year 2018 has brought me, I can say that there are more things to be grateful for than to whine about.
As I recall one of my takeaways from our pastor's preach before the year ends, he said that the more grateful you are, the more positive you will be. So, from all this gratefulness I have in my heart, I am excited to embrace more of these 5 things this 2019.

What's up for year 2018?

Photo Credits: Michael Ong
It's not a new year if you're still with your old self.  

The year of 2017 brought me a lot of new perspectives in life. It was full of obscurity yet it made me unleash all my hidden capabilities. It was a year full of realizations, and realizing that everything is beyond my control is what I am most thankful for. I got to meet the people I never expected to bring significance in my life. I had to pick up myself from the force that keeps on pushing me down. I had to become more aware of every situation around me. I needed to control my emotions, from being too euphoric to just staying calm. I had to become the other version of me- a side of myself I have been looking for a long time. I had to bend, I had to break, all I can manage is myself.

A new year is more than just a restart, not a new season to expect for the best things from it rather. Instead of waiting for the days to be better, I chose to embrace situations at my present more calmly and with g…