5 things I am positive about this 2019

Whew! It's been quite a while! 

It’s been exactly a year ago and how funny it is to realize that my last article was also about looking forward to another year. Finally, after a busy year, I am back again pushing my desire to write but instead of sharing most of what happened from the previous year, I am listing down my top 5 to look forward to this new year. 

The year 2018 for me was a mix of highs and lows. I embraced a lot of new experiences which most of it came from my new role and work environment. However, as I weigh everything that year 2018 has brought me, I can say that there are more things to be grateful for than to whine about.
As I recall one of my takeaways from our pastor's preach before the year ends, he said that the more grateful you are, the more positive you will be. So, from all this gratefulness I have in my heart, I am excited to embrace more of these 5 things this 2019.

What's up for year 2018?

Photo Credits: Michael Ong
It's not a new year if you're still with your old self.  

The year of 2017 brought me a lot of new perspectives in life. It was full of obscurity yet it made me unleash all my hidden capabilities. It was a year full of realizations, and realizing that everything is beyond my control is what I am most thankful for. I got to meet the people I never expected to bring significance in my life. I had to pick up myself from the force that keeps on pushing me down. I had to become more aware of every situation around me. I needed to control my emotions, from being too euphoric to just staying calm. I had to become the other version of me- a side of myself I have been looking for a long time. I had to bend, I had to break, all I can manage is myself.

A new year is more than just a restart, not a new season to expect for the best things from it rather. Instead of waiting for the days to be better, I chose to embrace situations at my present more calmly and with g…

A Predestined Story

I know I wasn't looking for any sort of attachment that night when he popped that question. "Can I court you?", he said. The glimmer in his eyes and the sound of his voice paused me for a moment. I suddenly felt a familiar vibration in my chest like I never felt something like that in ages. My heart was beating I know but my words crumbled leaving him without a single response.

Days and weeks have passed eventually and we continued sharing stories and stuff like we're no longer a total strangers. He speaks beyond his age and our wavelengths collided astoundingly. We slowly created new memories with each other until we found ourselves falling to the depths of our souls that suddenly made me utter that response. A response that will finally embrace something that's genuine, something I deserve, and something I know its purpose.

My heart chose to embrace a new story.

As I take a new journey and look back to all the rides I've been to, here's something I know wi…


Sparks flew at that moment I was captive by the glare. 
I swam in an abyss of thoughts glimmered by his stare.

Written By: Hannah Dani

Scarred butterfly

You get scarred at some point and try to unravel the consequences. 
You were tested enough to get enlightened by the hype of the game. 
Sometimes, life is really a matter of you ruling over the world or the world will rule over you. 
Travesty it may seem but no matter how bruised you are, you see your soul's reflection at some distant places and make you realize how those wounds are slowly turning you to a ravishing and amazing creature. 
You are beautifully pained but the light of hope keeps you warm and the breeze of it heals you impeccably.

Written By: Hannah Dani


You have no idea what it feels like; Having caught in the middle of nowhere Trying to look and clasp for fresh air
You don’t know how it feels like; Having a highly-sensitive soul Struggling every day and cope
You will never know how it was; Being broken and lost in a place

Diverting pain to believe that was just a phase

Written By: Hannah Dani

The search of calm in chaos

Then she started to sense that she never existed in a realm where she chose to mend her broken soul. 
A place she thought will be a temporary haven in the midst of her ambiguity. 
A haven that surprisingly turned into a room of chaos and anonymity. 
She did not fathom it all the while when she was at her most. 
Then she regrets plummeting to that place and fought her existence back to her calm and unbroken soul. 

Written By: Hannah Dani